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Dear friends,

First of all pardon me if someone feels that this is not the right forum to ask below question.
I am new on this forum. I want to ask this question to experienced people.

Recently I have got new project I my company. Previously I was working on windows server domain, but not on exchange server.

Due to my performance & hard work here, my senior has given me option to work in 2 teams:-

1. NetBackup veritas team [version. 6.5]
2. Microsoft Exchange server team [ exchange 2007 ]

I am very much confused which options shall I choose. Both have very good technical infrastructure here in this project.

Some of my friend suggest me for go according to my interest. But I Know abt me that I am the person who can generate interest in any field.
Now question is in above 2 option which has :-

1. Very good market value in future.
2. Money
3. Future growth

Plz guide me for my career …… your sincere reply is anticipated…..

With regards;
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Are you some kind of bot?


Mr Kurmar Rao...
Why are u copy/pasting the same question which I have asked earlier???.
you are pasting the same content in reply of other quesiton also.

This forum is for gentle people , who are sincere towards technology....

Don't make the place dirty.......

It is humble request of mine...& of all the people who access this forum.