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bmr setup chaos 8.1.2

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ok need some help and cannot find the answer. heres my current setup

5240 appliance running version 3.1.2-1

clients running 8.1.2 netbackup

window 2012 server

 heres what i need as far as i understand.

i have a 2012 server ready to be the bmr master, media and boot server. my appliance is currently my master server and media server.  all i need to the ability to recover a server as a vm. do i install the master and boot on the server i want to use for this?  or do i just make it a boot server?



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some addtional info.  i tried to set a boot serbver up but when i try to add it i get this error. i have been backing up bmr info for months now. but until now was un able to activate this option.



C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin>bmrsetupboot -register
V-128-749 Operation failed due to network problem.
[Error] V-128-900 Cannot query the BMR database for existing boot servers.
Either the BMR database has not been setup,
or the database service is not functioning,
or the bmrd on the BMR master server is not running.
Fix these problems and retry.



ok i think im understanding this more now. i can have abmr master server and it can also be the bmr boot server. the bmr database runs on the bmr master server, right? 

so i tried to setup, boy that error is real helpful.



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At first glance, maybe make your NetBackup Master / Media Appliance also your BMR Master Server, and make your Windows Media Server also your BMR Boot Server.

You said you want to be able to recover something as a VM.  Which hypervisor?  What form does the backup take?  Is the backup a traditional Windows client style backup?  Or is the backup a VMware style backup?

Are you hoping to effectively B2V (sort of like a P2V) ?

ok i can try that, ill let you know, thanks

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There are many users have confusion about the BMR. I am writing a general note for all, if you are already know then please ignore it.

Steps to setup BMR in NBU environment

Master Server:
The BMR database resides on a Master server only. You can not make any client or media server as BMR master.

How to register BMR master server?

Login to master server command prompt



Once it successfully registers. The bmrdb service gets to start on a master.

To confirm it run the bpps -x (Unix) and bpps (windows)

BMR boot Server:

You can register Master/Media/Client as boot server at any point of time to unregister the boot server it shouldn't contain any valid SRT in NBU database.

What is BMR boot server?
The boot server is used to create an SRT.

How to make Master/Media/Client as boot server?

Run the below command from prompt:

#%NB_INSTALL_DIR%/bin/bmrsetupboot --register

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bmrsetupboot --register

What is SRT?
SRT called Shared resource tree

Okay, but what is the use of it?
It is used to create the bare minimum OS to boot the target client server vi ISO or CD.

Oh really, then how can we create SRT?

That's a good question.

There are many if and but to create SRT and very difficult to cover all points here but some important prerequisites are like:

If you want to recover the windows server then your boot server should be windows and same is applicable for Linux and Unix.
It should be running the same version of NBU or higher patch level. Because the SRT is based on NBU version installed on boot server.

I am referring some Veritas article for SRT.

SRT for Windows Client recovery and boot server should be windows

SRT for Linux/Unix Client recovery and boot server should be Linux/Unix




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Did you run bmrsetpmaster - this needs to be done first to 'create' the BME database ...


ok i just turned on the bmr function in the we client on the appliance. i installed the cleint software on the server that i want to use as the boot server, ran the setup with register and it still does not show in the appliance.   we had a barracuda device before and they litterally had a easy way to recover a machine.   all we need is the ability if a machine dies to recover the machine to aother server or as a vm.  why on earth has veritsa made this so difficult?


I know it's a little bit different procedure in BMR but I am sure that once you restore one server you will be familiar with it. :)

Kindly follow the below steps to collect the log to troubleshoot the boot server setup failure.

1. Make sure the bmrd folder exists on boot server.

Folder Path: /usr/openv/logs/bmrd (Unix) / <InstallPath>\NetBackup\logs\bmrd (Windows)

2. Enable the bmrd log on boot server.

#/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/vxlogcfg -a -p 51216 -o 119 -s DebugLevel=6- s DiagnosticLevel=6

3. Run the command to setup boot server.

#/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bmrsetupboot -register

4. Collect the Error output from command prompt and convert the log file and share with us.

#/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/vxlogview -p 51216 -i 119 -L -t 00:15:00 >/tmp/119.txt

5. Also run the below command on master server to list the existing boot servers in NBU database.

  # /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bmrs -o list -res BootServer

  # /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bmrs -o query -res database -table BootServer