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bmrlauncer error NO Network intfaces were discovered


I am having netbackup server NB7.6.0.4 with windows server 2008 R2, i have created SRT for one of the Client which is Winodws 7 PC and prepared bootable media after performing Prepare to Restore.

While booting the Client with SRT ISO bootable media, I am facing Error in BMRLauncher " NO Network Interfaces were discovered". This is a Phyiscial PC and Windows 7 was installed.

I have checked some places they have mention WinPE 3 is compatible with NB7.6 and windows server 2008, here the questions are below

  1.  How to confirm which WinPE is available in SRT?
  2. For Windows 7 Client same WinPE 3 is required?
  3. What is best soultion to get out of this issue and restore the PC?

it is kind of urgent and strugling for this PC to get it healthy as it is one of the critical server for operation.



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Re: bmrlauncer error NO Network intfaces were discovered

it is been a while since i worked with BMR....

You need to inject the driver for the PC network card before creating the SRT and iso image.

If the NIC is not a well know type, WINPE may not recognize it.