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bmrprep headache

Level 6

Ive got a DR environment which dups my 'real' one. Ive got netbmaster 701 on solaris and it uses bmr.

Ive got a windows bmr boot server (a VM, a clone of my real bootserver vm)  running , also ver 701.

I can query via bmrs -o query....and -o list to get currentversion fro mboth . All good.All same.701


I can query my bmr packages , configs , srts. All good.


But when I try do a bmrprep for a windows BMR, it just sits there...I get a scrap of info: [Critical] No NIC.

No other clues. bmrprep never completes.

So any clue as to WTF (scuse the language)  is going on cos the msgs are way too sparse. I'm suspecting lack of dhcp , cos everything else looks good.


05/19/11 10:35:01.207 [bmrprep.cpp:LogDV] No devices of classId hdc were found
05/19/11 10:35:01.209 [bmrprep.cpp:LogDV] No devices of classId scsiadapter were found
05/19/11 10:35:01.210 [bmrprep.cpp:LogDV] No devices of classId net were found
05/19/11 10:35:01.210 [Critical] No NIC



Level 4

The log traces look pretty strange. It is not able to find any WindowsDevice as part of the config.

Can you please attach the output of the below commands.

<install_path>\netbackup\bin\bmrs -o list -r Config

 <install_path>\netbackup\bin\bmrs -o querytree -r database -table config -id <id> -gui > c:/bmr.xml 






Level 6

This has turned up on bmrboot client:


$Header 65543,51216,119,1305805537,-3600,WCHIPPDVNBMR01
0,51216,128,119,1,1305805537569,2796,1636,0:,29:Replaced object in m_vConfig.,31:CBmr::readXml(xml, len, filter),1
0,51216,128,119,1,1305807929865,1740,2124,0:,29:Replaced object in m_vConfig.,31:CBmr::readXml(xml, len, filter),1
0,51216,119,119,1,1305808781454,2796,1636,0:,67:Cannot open lockfile for reading, path=C:\BMR_SRTS\2K8_32\2796.lock,36:CWinPeSrtFacility::readSrtLockFile(),1
0,51216,128,119,2,1305811534552,1740,2124,0:,16:bad header, rc=0,25:sendrecv.cpp:RecvPacket(),1
0,51216,128,119,4,1305811534646,1740,2124,0:,67:BmrOps BMROP_QUERY, BMROP_DB, failed In CBmr::queryRequest. rc =200,55:CBmr::queryRequest(colClause, TableClause, WhereClause),1
0,51216,128,119,5,1305811534646,1740,2124,0:,30:Failed to get packages, rc=200,29:PnpDbSearch.cpp:getPackages(),1
0,51216,128,119,6,1305811534646,1740,2124,0:,46:Could not retrieve PnpInfo db from the server.,42:PnpDbSearch.cpp:getDriverListFromServer2(),1
0,51216,128,119,7,1305811534646,1740,2124,0:,31:Unable to get pnp info database,49:AddDriverFilesToWinPe.cpp:updateWinPeDriverFile(),1
0,51216,128,119,8,1305811534661,1740,2124,0:,65:An error occurred while adding drivers to the WinPE image, rc=200,32:methodsPlat.cpp:PxeAllocateSrt(),1
0,51216,119,119,1,1305811534661,1740,2124,0:,57:Error occured while attempting to unmount image. gle=1168,34:CWinPeSrtFacility::unmountSrtWim(),1
0,51216,128,119,9,1305811534677,1740,2124,0:,36:Failed to unmount the srt wim image.,32:methodsPlat.cpp:PxeAllocateSrt(),1
0,51216,128,119,1,1305812352719,660,740,0:,29:Replaced object in m_vConfig.,31:CBmr::readXml(xml, len, filter),1
0,51216,128,119,1,1305821503447,1612,308,0:,29:Replaced object in m_vConfig.,31:CBmr::readXml(xml, len, filter),1


which I think will answer your other qs Suchitra

Level 6

The cmd:


bmrs -o query -r database -table PnpInfo

hangs.I'd expect it to be slow but return something.


bmrs -o list -r config works fine, loads of configs from my numerous clients.


picking an id , i get an xml file:its huge but it works fine. (well it works...)


Level 6

Rebooted the bmr server and PnpInfo query works now, but bmrprep still doesnt.

Oddly the timestamp of bmrprep msgs in vxlogview are about an hour 'slow'.?!?!