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Is it possible to update the bp.conf file of a client from the master server? I am using Netbackup version on a Solaris box.
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Any Client settings that you

Any Client settings that you update in Host Properties will update the client's bp.conf.
Or, like Bill said - use bpsetconfig from cli.

bpsetconfig huh?  it only

bpsetconfig huh?  it only uses update a NetBackup configuration, but couldn't get bp.conf file

if you want to get bp.conf from NBU client (work on unix client only) try bpgp (you can get bp.conf file or log files, modify it and put it back to client) but be carefull about this command

passed on

bpgp has passed on and is no longer available in NB 6.5

just run bpsetconfig

run bpsetconfig and check the help, add the client you want to modify, it will prompt you a prompt once you are connected, just add the lines you need has VERBOSE = 5 and control-C that will change the client bp.conf, all platforms work like this except AIX if you just add one line for an AIX box will wipe out all the bp.conf, be sure you get the bp.conf of the client with bpgetconfig first and later add your modifications and under bpsetconfig paste it, so you prevent wiping out and the bp.conf of the AIX box.

Thanks for your information,

Thanks for your information, do you know what command line can replace bpgp ? Thanks.