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bpbackup from client not sent to master

Level 4

Hi everyone,

When I try to launch a backup from my client, nothing happened, with user backup or immediate backup. But when I try to directly launch the policy, it works.


My policy contains 2 User Backup schedules and one Full Backup schedule.


As I said, when I launch manually the policy, backup works.

But when I try to launch bpbackup command from client, nothing is happening.


I try the following commands from the client

bpbackup -p PL-UNIX-USERDATA-OPS-ME -s 1month /tmp

bpbackup -i -p PL-UNIX-USERDATA-OPS-ME -s test


From the master, the command bpbackup -i -p PL-UNIX-USERDATA-OPS-ME -s test works.


I can see that in the bprd logs, but I don't know what does it means

11:28:57.869 [44604] <2> vnet_pbxAcceptSocket: Accepted sock[9] from
11:28:57.869 [44604] <2> bprd: socket fd from accept() is 9
11:28:57.870 [44604] <2> listen_loop: request complete
11:28:57.870 [16526] <2> logconnections: BPRD ACCEPT FROM TO fd = 9
11:28:57.870 [16526] <2> process_request: setsockopt SO_LINGER on 9 succeeded.
11:28:57.873 [16526] <2> connected_peer: Connection from host,, on non-reserved port 54019
11:28:57.877 [16526] <2> process_request:  magic [329199] cmd [201] ...
11:28:57.877 [16526] <2> process_request: ...request ignored...continuing...

My client (pars3popsbck001) is in NBU 8, and my master (eqds3pnbmam001) is in NBU

I've attached logs of bpbackup from client



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Please show us the policy config:


Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified

Oh! You are lucky that anything is working!

NBU 8 client is NOT supported with NBU 7.x master and/or media server.

Please upgrade your master server.

So user backup are not supported with client 8 / master 7.6, but scheduled backups works ?

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That is not what I said.

NetBackup 8 Client is not at all supported with lower version Master/media server. 
(See Release Notes for each NBU version)

So, you are extremely lucky that scheduled backups are working.

You need to upgrade your NBU master/media server(s).

Level 3 or higher bprd log may tell us the reason for "...request ignored.. "

The reason why I asked for policy config is because the client sends the configured client name with the backup request.
This does not happen with a scheduled backup.

We see in client log that the client sent to bprd is pars3popsbck001. 
NBU master resolves the IP address to
This could be problem if no aliases exist in DNS or hosts file, but then I would expect an error.

I would also like to see the schedule config in the policy.


If /tmp is on tmps filesystem, it will be automatically excluded.


Thanks Marianne.

I've tested with /tmp only because it's a small FS, to see if job arrive in activity monitor.

But I've tested with a master in 8.0 and backup is working from the client, so it seems that it's due to compatibility problem. And I don't want to backup 8 client with a lower master, to avoid all possible problems.

I will find another way to backup my datas as we can't upgrade for the moment.