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bpclntcmd -pn not resolving with DR master node

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in my environment Netbackup version 8.1.2 is installed on VCS info scale 8 on RHEL version 8.4. we have two different Virtual IPs to the master server virtual hostname one is a production Virtual IP it contains dynamic DNS and another one is a management Virtual IP that is not registered under DNS but is a hostname resolution done by etc hosts entries.

Recently we have performed a Netbackup services failover from DC to the DR site to check the Netbackup functionality on the DR site but we have faced a lot of challenges with network and hostname resolution. one of the oracle clients which contains Solaris os able to communicate with the management segment range with my DR master server management VIP and Virtual hostname. ping, talent, and traceroute successfully resolving with DR master server Management virtual IP but bplcntcmd -pn is not resolving but the same client successfully bplcntcmd -pn resolving when services online with DC master server management virtual IP and hostname. even the support team also unable to identify the exact issue. to the same server filesystem backup is happening but db backup is not happening