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bpdbjobs Status field is empty

Hi ,

I am trying to get the backup jobs details from the Symatic Netbackup using bpdbjobs and everytime am getting Status and State feild as empty but when i cheched at Backup console value is there for the same.

Below is the command and using for getting Job details:

bpdbjobs -jobid 8058296 |
ConvertFrom-Csv -Delimiter "," -header jobid,jobtype,state,status,policy,schedule,client,started,elapsed,ended,stunit,

jobid                : 8058296

jobtype              :

state                :

status               :

policy               : 021_STEMG4_BP1_Ora

schedule             : Default-Application-Backup

client               : b_a92sv021bdd1p

started              : 1510572665

elapsed              : 0000000100

ended                : 1510572765

stunit               : SU_MCBO_DD13_from_MS12


can anyone help me in providing the solution for my issue.

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Re: bpdbjobs Status field is empty

What version of NetBackup are you running?

From the Admin Console, what is the status and state of the job with the job id 8058296?


Re: bpdbjobs Status field is empty


We have Netbackup 7.7.3 running in our setup. I was able to get the status ans state feild earlier. Now am able to see the values in Admin console