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bpdbjobs returning Job status Done whereas the job is still in progress

Level 4

Hi All,

I was running a restore job which has failed with Complete status (bpdbjobs returned 5  for Job state), Resumed the same job and ran the bpdbjobs to get the job details. Observed that the bpdbjobs has returned the status as done for the respestive rather than Active, as Job was still in process of initiating the resources.

What could be the issue with this?

DMA used: Netbackup

Version : 7.1



Level 6

Are you seeing the admin console still showing job as active/running , while running bpdbjobs on command line has shown it's done? 

Relaunch admin console (or Java console if you use that), see if it makes a difference? Also ask other admin to logout from their GUI.

Sometimes the GUI did not catch up with the actual progress and just now showing exact status.

Level 6

Hi ,

Can you ping the job details logs.

Please tell us whether the job is showing status 5.