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bpdir equivalent for NBU 6.5.x ?

Level 6
Hi ! Is there a command equivalent to the good old bpdir in netbackup 6.5.4/5 ? TIA, Ludo.

Level 6
Never actually used bpdir, but from what I can gather it was capable of a multitude of things, so it really depends on what you were intending?

The only real reference I can find in relation to one use of this command is the bpgetconfig/bpsetconfig 'pair' for exclude_lists etc etc etc.

Level 6
I needed it to list client directories and make an improved "bpcoverage".

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
Sorry, bpdir was removed due to security concerns.  I think it was taken out at 6.5.  (I'm sure it was right around the same time bpgp disappeared.)

I'm afraid you'll need to talk your security admins into letting you run "ssh ls" to the clients in question.

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This is interesting considering if you use the windows admin console you can just browse the client directory tree via the backup selection tab in the policy 

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I think symantec hired Stu Pid to work for them. How could anyone think that bpdir is a security hole?
bprsh allows you to do whatever command you want to run as root on any client but some steps are involved.
I demonstrated using bprsh to create a touch file but I could have used any command in place of touch.
Check outr this blog

the bplist command can be used to see what folders/files are in a directory but it is an after the fact view of the image file.