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bpduplicate help.

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We are moving to a colo and I need to get off of our physical tape library before the move. To do that, I need to get our offsite data to another storage unit in the cloud. I was going to use bpduplicate but I'm getting confused. With what understanding I have this is the command line I came up with. 

bpduplicate -npc -backupid <backup_id> -dstunit <storage unit in the cloud> -dp <pool name>

I'm not sure if I can use -npc with -dstunit so I can take the -npc out.

Would this line do what I want?




Level 6
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npc stants for "new primary copy".
Primary copy is the backup copy that netbackup will try to restore in case off restore. It is not a requirement for bpdulicate command to run.
If you add it to the command, netbackup will change the primary copy to the cloud copy

Thanks for the reply. I did know that and that is what I wanted, but will this syntax work?

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Not always is my experience

If the backups in your tape lib are all copy 1, then it should work, but if tape contains backup that are copy >1 then I have experienced -npc not working.

Remember you can specify -p (preview) option for bpduplicate.

Even thru bpduplicate maybe won't accept -npc you can always promote a copy to the primary copy with the bpimage command.

Thank you, but the syntax will work without -npc?