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bpend/bpstart does not work in 7.* ?


in the following topic:

there an information that

with the start of NBU7xx some policies do NOT call bpstart/bpend notify anymore. Those scripts need to be listed in the policy directly. FBU comes to mind.


Can you confirm that ? Is there any doc about it ?




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With all due respect - that

With all due respect - that is NOT true. (Was thinking of some more expressive statements...)

It is working everywhere. Including on my Windows 7 laptop using NBU 7.1.


***** EDIT *****

pikachu's post refers to FlashBackup.

I have never tested or had a request for bpstart/end scripts with non-filesystem backups.


As far as i am aware they

As far as i am aware they will work with all file system backups

They will not work with SQL, Exchange, FlashBackup, Flashbackup_Windows, Oracle, NDMP etc.