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bperror command does not yield any info on some clients?

Level 4
I have a script that I run every morning to send out emails to end users regarding the status of backups from the last 24 hours. I use the bperror command to pull in the info:

bperror -U -hoursago 24 -columns 300 -all -client
bperror -U -hoursago 24 -columns 300 -problems -client
bperror -U -hoursago 24 -backstat -client

The problem I'm currently having is that the above commands couldn't pull the info in for every clients. When I issue the commands at the DOS prompt for a specific client once at a time, I would get info for some, and for others, I would get "no entity was found" error.

I'm currently running NBU 6.0 MP3. I have never had this problem with previous version of NBU. Has anyone used the bperror command and experienced the same thing?

Level 6
Maybe the clients weren't backed up. There are many posts about problems with policies not running on all clients with 6.0 MP3. Check the GUI to see if they ran. If they did not then contact veritas support to get some pre-MP4 binaries.

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Bob Stump

Level 6
I have seen this problem on 4.5/5.1 when a high load on a Wintel box which meant not all of the info got logged within bperror.

I know there are scheduling issues with 6.0, so are the clients you are interested in actually making it into the schedule? Do they appear within the activity monitor?

Level 4
Yes, Go Tigers! What a surprise?

Ok, I think I found the problem why bperror didn't yield a log for some of the backup clients. However, I never thought that this was a problem because I did get the log for some of the clients. About 3 weeks I changed the Log Clean-up setting on the master server from the default of 28 days to 1 day as recommended by Veritas Tech due to the issue I had with Unified Logs getting too large and filled up disk space on the master server. I changed the setting to 7 days yesterday, and I noticed this morning that I was getting the log for all backup clients again. I will check it for the next couple of days to be sure that it's actually the case.