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Level 4
I have looked this strange case.
In netbackup 5.0 MP5 (win 2000 server) when I make expired manualy a media with command:
BPEXPDATE -m (media name) -d 0 the command tell me that the media is been deleted but when I try to delete media by netbackup administration console, I look a pop up that tell me that media is assigned and it's impossibile deleted.
Someone is already happen a simil case?


Level 6
bpexpdate expires images on media and then media can be moved to scratch pool or reused again.
Run this command with host parameter and enter hostname of media server this media belongs to.
You can't delete media in GUI when it's assigned and has not expired backups.
"command tell me that the media is been deleted" - if command result is successfull you shouldn't receive any information.

Level 4
The command does not deassign immediately the media. It only expires images on the tape.
The media will be unassigned at midnight ... or if you launch :
bpexpdate -deassignempty

It asks you if you want all empty media (with expired images) to be deassigned, for the media server u might specify.

Level 6
>does not deassign immediately

Excellent post that is worthy of a light bulb!
It took me a couple of days to discover the deassigning of empty media occurs at midnight. It had me going bonkers.

Level 3
I keep getting the following message when I try to run a bpexpdate -deassignempty -host

# bpexpdate -deassignempty -host hostname
Search for empty media that meet the following criteria:
Host: hostname
Media id: All

Continue? y/n (n)y
Could not update media list, host is unreachable
host is unreachable

I've also tried specify the media and I get the same message. I've tried the master and the media server.

Any ideas?

Btw, the tapes I'm working with were discovered as expired when I ran the:
bpmedialist -U

Level 6
Is it midnight? My understanding was that it happened when the catalog backup ran.

Level 6
if you want to expire immediate, you need to run vmquery -deassignbyid and bpexp -m mediaid 0

Level 6
Isn't the problem with running the vmquery -deassignbyid is that it expires the media but not the images associated with it. I thought this was the way to do it.
bpexpdate -ev -d 0 -force -host
that expires the images on the tape.