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bpflist command use in Netbackup Cloud

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We currently use bpflist for our on-prem servers to returns details of backups to our DBA team MS SQL stored procedures - in order to check backups, and perform restores.  Netbackup on-prem is v8.1.1

A new Netbackup Cloud system is being configured (using netbackup 9.0) currently - will we still be able to use bpflist command?

The 'Veritas NetBackup™ Commands Reference Guide' document for v9 still lists bpflist, but not sure if commands still apply for 'Netbackup cloud'?




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@colinhunterWhy do you think NetBackup installed on a on-prem server and installed on a cloud instance would be different ? NetBackup does not change... so the commands you see available on a on-prem server will be also be available on a cloud instance.


Thanks for your reply.

Yes the Netbackup client install may not be different (other than v9, and v8.1.1 on-prem), it was more a question of whether the commands would work against the Azure master servers in the new 'Netbackup cloud' implementation

@colinhunterthe way i read it... its depends if you allow communication from onprem system to cloud systems or vise versa...  Remember you need to open standard NetBackup ports 1556, 13782 and 13724. Incase of DB Backups you will need port 13720 in addition to standard ports mentioned above from Client to Master Server.

To clarify:

Netbackup clients (SQL servers) will be new Azure VMs. 

Netbackup cloud master and media servers will be new Azure VMs

So these backups and restores called by DBA team will all be called from the Azure SQL servers to retrieve backup info from the Azure netbackup servers.  No on-prem communication needed for this

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bpflist has been around for a very long time (bp = backup plus). I would expect any decommissioning from Veritas side to be announced in time to rewrite code and utilities.

Netbackup deployed on VM in the cloud, does not change the way Netbackup operate. 

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