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bpplclients -allunique command includes vxupdate clients?


So, I use the bpplclients -allunique -noheader command to get a list of all clients on my backup domain to perform an audit. There have been a few clients I would manually rename or do some other change but never got anything extra in the list. However, this time (after 8.2 upgrade), I noticed a couple of servers in the list. They caught my eye as I had recently decommissioned them from the backup system. I checked everywhere and couldn't find them. Ultimately, I was searching the dump of policy details that I take every day and those client names showed up there. The culprit was the VxUpdate policy.

Is this as intended? The issue arose only because I hadn't removed the clients from the VxUpdate policy - I usually remove all clients from policy before running it on new set of clients. Command reference does not give an option to "exclude" the clients in VxUpdate policy.

This isn't a big issue but bpplclients is treating backup policies and vxupdate policies as the same!