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bpstart_notify & bpend_notify scripts for IBM DB2 database backup

Level 4
Anyone have subject netbackup scripts? I need to -> perform IBM DB2 v7.1.14 backup(need IBM DB2 backup script) -> stop DB2 (eg "db2stop", "db2admin stop") -> perform server netbackup to tape -> start DB2 (eg "db2admin start", "db2start" <-- not sure whether correct). Please advise.

Thanks in advanced.

Level 6
There is a whole section on notify scripts in the vol II admin guide. Netbackup doesn't care if you use them to shutdown or startup an oracle, db2 or whatever database. It simply performs whatever functions you add to the scripts.

Level 4
I know that, but we do not have DB2 administrator here and vendor provided DB2 schedule to perform daily backup(export) of database to flat-file so that NetBackup can save it to tape-media. What I have in hand are command lines to stop/start the application as well as stop/start DB2. I need the DB2 command line format to perform the database backup to flat-file so that I can quote into bpstart_notify script.

By the way, if I shutdown DB2 completely, does it means NetBackup will be able to save the DB2 database without any problem for restoration later? FYI, we don't buy DB2 agent, Oracle agent or SQL agent for NetBackup purpose.

Thanks in advanced. Much appreciated.