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bpstart_notify remote ssh hangs


I have been using the remote ssh commad execution with AIX hosts running NBU 7.0. Later the applications were migrated to Solaris 11 and with NBU We have ported the same scripts to the new hosts. The scripts run as expected when run mannually on command line but when it is called from the backup job (bpbkar32 process) the remote ssh command hangs at the backup client and the backup fails. But the remote command successfuly completes at the remote host.

Is this a bug with the NBU client process or is this not supported by NBU clients?




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Question. do you execute

Question. do you execute these scripts by having bpstart_notify call them, or as they contained within bpstart_notify?

The scripts are called by

The scripts are called by bpstart_notify. find the ptree output which indicates the processes at the time ssh hangs,


root@JDEDSDB-DR(backup_lock) # ptree 22750

 22738 bpbkar32 -r 86400 -ru root -dt 0 -to 0 -bpstart_time 0 -clnt jdedsdbprd -class

  22739 /bin/sh /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpstart_notify.jdedsdbdr_test jdedsdbprd jdeds

    22747 /bin/ksh /veritas/scripts/

      22750 ssh /veritas/scripts/


bpstart_notify call the main script with in the same server called "". This primary script calls of remote ssh commands to two other servers. The main script hangs at the first ssh encounter though the command is executed at the remote node with successful completion.

When rsh is used the entire operation executes perfectly as expected it fails only when ssh is used.

Run each command in reverse

Run each command in reverse order and verify the results. 

ssh /veritas/scripts/

/bin/ksh /veritas/scripts/

/bin/sh /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpstart_notify.jdedsdbdr_test jdedsdbprd jdeds


The same scripts run without

The same scripts run without errors when rsh is used instead od ssh. But need to get this worked with ssh (secure method).

I suspect this is an ssh

I suspect this is an ssh problem and not a NetBackup one given that rsh working seems to take NetBackup out of the picture, but...

Is there any error displayed which we can work with?

If you're NOT seeing any errors, can you add the verbose flag ("ssh -v") and cut and paste that output from ssh so we can try to diagnose your hang?

(I hope it won't be another two months until we hear from you next!  ;)  )