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bptestbpcd error from master (code 7660) and from client (code 41)

Level 5

Hi Guys,

I have encounter issue after i migrate the backup from master 1 to master 2

FROM Master:

c:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>bptestbpcd.exe -client
<16>bptestbpcd main: Function ConnectToBPCD( failed: 7660
<16>bptestbpcd main: The peer proxy cannot find usable certificates for the certificate protocol
The peer proxy cannot find usable certificates for the certificate protocol

nbcertcmd: The -getCertificate operation failed for server
This may be due to virtual host IP not properly configured for forward and reverse lookups.
EXIT STATUS 41: network connection timed out
-host file for both master and client is good
-telnet from master to client using port 13724 and 1556 is good (vice versa)
-master is cluster server so we are technically using the cluster name not the node name.
-for some clients, the getcertificate command works and the output like this
"host certificate and certificate revocation list received successfully from server"
For your advise what need to check on this.




Level 6

Hi @jjimenez2 

Does the client have the CA certificate from the new master?

Are you 100% sure forward and reverse lookups of the client name/IP and master clustername/VIP are correct? From both ends.

The get certificate is failing with a timeout - are there any firewalls in play that may be blocking the connections. 

The only port that should be required is 1556. This needs to be open bidirectionally between master and client (you indicate this is so).

Does the client require a token to get a certificate from the new master?

Have you updated the clients SERVER list to put the new master at the top (this is the default server where certificate requests are sent, otherwise use the '-server <master>' option in your nbcertcmd command.