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calendar based schedule

Can a calendar based schedule be setup from the command line? What parameters need to be set to get the "specific dates" I see in the gui.
I am working with a Netbackup 6.5.31. server and soon will be converting TSM clients to Netbackup policies and don't want to do them 1 at a time witha gui.
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bppolicynew & bpplschedrep

both commands are what you are looking for. 

look in the Veritas NetBackup Commands manual for details on these commands.

bppolicynew will set up the new policy.

bpplschedrep will enable you to create a schedule (either calendar or frequency based)

As stu52 suggests

you'd be best looking in the commands manual (follow link below) as there are a lot of options for these commands & you'll probably need to use most of them if you're setting up a policy or schedule from scratch (you could create a test policy & then try thye bpplschedrep command with various options to see what results!! ;) )

USAGE: bpplschedrep policy_name sched_label
           [-M master_server...] [-v] [-generation generation]
           [-st sched_type] [-freq frequency]
           [-mpxmax mpx_factor] [-cal 0/1/2]
           [-incl mm/dd/yyyy] [-excl mm/dd/yyyy]
           [-delincl mm/dd/yyyy] [-delexcl mm/dd/yyyy]
           [-weekday day_name week] [-dayomonth 1-31 l]
           [-delweekday day_name week] [-deldayomonth 1-31 l]
           [-ci] [-ce] [-cw] [-cd]
           [-number_copies number]
           [-synthetic (0 | 1)]
           [-pfi_fast_recovery (0 | 1)]
           [-rl retention_level[,rl-copy2 ,..., rl-copyn]]
           [-fail_on_error (0 | 1)[,(0 | 1),...,(0 | 1)]]
           [-residence storage_unit_label[,stunit-copy2,... stunit-copyn]]
           [-pool volume_pool_label[,pool-copy2,... pool-copyn]]
           [-sg server_group[,server_group2,...,server_groupn]]
           [-(0..6) start duration]
           [-res_is_stl (0 | 1)]

       Valid values for mpx_factor: 1..32

All documentation for 6.5 can be found here:
Listing of Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.5 and 6.5.x Manuals and links to the respective TechNotes ...