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can Veritas support go through third party?

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Just wondering if Veritas support can go through any third parties to save some money and time?  for any features we are currently not in use, can we take them out from support contract?


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your best place is to reach your Veritas licencing team or slaes partner to get clarifications. 

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Personally I'm not sure this is a good idea. As far as I know a third party will have no access to Veritas back-end support systems so I really can't see how they could do even a half-good support job. I'd also question the level of NetBackup knowledge many third parties really have (OK, there are exceptions). You could possibly save some money on the face of it but I doubt you save any time or get an acceptable support experience in most cases. Anyway, just my view... Andrew

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You only pay maintenance for the features that you have purchased. Each license line item will have a matching maintenance line item.

Support from Veritas not only entitles you to logging calls, it gives you access to bug fixes and ongoing access to upgrades.

If you should decide against renewing your maintenance contract, and a year or two down the line you need support for a new OS or application, you would need to purchase new licenses for the entire environment.

The same holds true for any kind of backup software.

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You can do this.  I have used two separate 3rd parties as the primary point of contact for Veritas support in my work with NetBackup.

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3rd-part Support is good where you have local support that can come onsite within x hours.
This company will have knowledgeable guys (or girls!) who can do the 1st-line troubleshooting and can identify between user, environment or product-related problems. 
If product-related, they will log a Support call with Veritas on your behalf. So, you still need the support contract with Veritas so that you support partner can log a call using your Customer ID.
I have worked for such companies for 18 years.

This type of support will actually cost you more than direct support with Veritas only.
You cannot (should not) have 3rd-party support without support from Veritas as well.
Only Veritas support gives you access to backline support engineers, bug fixes, access to new version software, etc.

Yup - this was the M.O. of both 3rd-party organizations that I have worked with...