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cannot connect on socket(25)

Level 3

I have an backup job about Hyper-v virtual machine. The backup job is success.

But I have an SQL server receiving an error "cannot connect on socket (25)".



11:16:45.753 [7672.4756] <2> logconnections: BPRD CONNECT FROM TO fd = 936
11:16:45.856 [7672.4756] <16> writeToServer: ERR - send() to server on socket failed:
11:16:45.856 [7672.4756] <16> dbc_RemoteWriteFile: ERR - could not write progress status message to the NAME socket
11:16:45.862 [7672.4756] <4> getServerName: Read server name from nb_master_config: xq2




11:16:45.968 [4160.4628] <2> vnet_pbxAcceptSocket: Accepted sock[472] from
11:16:45.968 [4160.4628] <2> bpcd main: accept sock = 472
11:16:46.037 [8584.8608] <2> setup_debug_log: switched debug log file for bpcd
11:16:46.037 [8584.8608] <2> bpcd main: VERBOSE = 0
11:16:46.037 [8584.8608] <2> logparams: C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\bpcd.exe -standalone
11:16:46.041 [8584.8608] <2> process_requests: offset to GMT 28800
11:16:46.067 [8584.8608] <2> logconnections: BPCD ACCEPT FROM TO fd = 472
11:16:46.068 [8584.8608] <2> process_requests: setup_sockopts complete
11:16:46.074 [8584.8608] <2> bpcd peer_hostname: Connection from host XQ2 ( port 56816
11:16:46.075 [8584.8608] <2> bpcd valid_server: comparing xq2 and XQ2
11:16:46.075 [8584.8608] <4> bpcd valid_server: hostname comparison succeeded
11:16:46.166 [8584.8608] <2> process_requests: output socket port number = 1
11:16:46.713 [8584.8608] <8> vnet_cached_getaddrinfo_and_update: [vnet_addrinfo.c:1583] in failed file cache ERR=10109 NAME=NULL SVC=testdaemon
11:16:46.713 [8584.8608] <8> vnet_cached_get_service_port: [vnet_addrinfo.c:2387] vnet_cached_getaddrinfo failed STAT=6 RV=10109 NAME=testdaemon
11:16:46.713 [8584.8608] <8> is_pbxable_service: [vnet_connect.c:2159] vnet_cached_get_service_port() failed 6 0x6
11:16:46.713 [8584.8608] <8> is_pbxable_service: [vnet_connect.c:2160] service 52537
11:16:46.714 [8584.8608] <8> file_to_cache_item: [vnet_addrinfo.c:6555] fopen() failed ERRNO=2 FILE=C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\var\host_cache\14f\6cf9fd4f+52537,1,400,2,1,0+
11:16:46.726 [8584.8608] <8> verify_hashes: [vnet_vnetd.c:1641] hash_str 9baaf756d67b556e1de2c45bfbfc4ae5
11:16:46.771 [8584.8608] <2> process_requests: Duplicated vnetd socket on stderr
11:16:46.771 [8584.8608] <2> process_requests: <---- NetBackup 7.5 0 ------------initiated


Level 6
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified

You need to check if SQL client can connect to the master server on port 1556.

Is xq2 the master server?
If not, check backup script and ensure that Server entry is the master server name.

Run the following command on SQL client:

bpclntcmd -pn
(In ....\netbackup\bin folder)

Please show us the output.

On the master server, ensure bprd log folder exists under netbackup\logs.
If not, create the folder and restart NBU Request service.

See in bprd if connection request is received from client IP address/hostname.


Level 3

Run the following command on SQL client:


C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin>bpclntcmd -pn

expecting response from server xq2

XQ1 XQ1 57824


Level 6
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified

We now need to see bprd log on the master after SQL backup failure as well as full dblient log.

Please copy the logs to bprd.txt and dbclient.txt, then upload as File attachments.

Based on what we see in these logs, we may request other logs.

So, ensure that these log folders exist before next backup attempt:

On media server: bptm and bpbrm

For now - only post above 2 logs.
Important that we get these logs that cover the same backup attempt / time frame.

Level 3

in xq2:

in bprd folders, and in dbclient folders is 0KB.


in xq1:

in bprd folders is nothing

Level 6
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified

You need to restart NBU Request service on the master server after bprd log folder is created.
Only then will this log be enabled.

We need to see master's bprd log.

From the dbclient log, it seems that appropriate policy cannot be found for the client.
So, we need to see in bprd log how master server is interpreting the Client's backup request.

Level 3

I restart NBU Request service on the master server.

the master's bprd log is:


Level 4

Do you have any snapshot enabled, in the policy attributes, for this policy? As per the bprd log, it seems like the policy type is MS-SQL-SERVER (-pt 15).

bprd shows:

12:19:40.962 [8104.5712] <2> bpcd_fork_cmd: bpfis msg = FTL - can't accept from xq2: errno: 0
12:19:40.977 [8104.5712] <2> bpcd_fork_cmd: bpfis msg = FTL - snapshot creation failed, status 25

Have you tried disabling snapshot, in the policy attributes and trying a backup?



Level 6
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified

Please tell us more about the policy - there seems to be a snapshot attempt that is failing.

INFO Error in VxBSAWaitForFileListStatus: 36.
INFO The creation of the frozen image failed.

Also tell us how the policy is kicked off and if policy name is hard-coded in the SQL script?

I see a request in bprd log for policy name Job_testdb, as well as for policy name testdb

and this error:

policy testdb does not exist

Please show us the SQL policy:
bppllist <policy-name> -L

also show us the backup script on the client: 

C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\DbExt\MsSql\fan\testdb.bch

Level 3

the SQL backup job configuration as shown in Fig.

testdb.bch  is  testdb.txt.


Level 6
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Why do you have snapshot and offhost option selected?

Have you gone through the requirements and configuration steps in NetBackup Snapshot Client Administrator's Guide ? As well as the Snapshot Client chapter in NetBackup for Microsoft SQL Server Administrator's Guide ?

For now, please de-select the Snapshot option in the policy and take your time to read through above 2 manuals to ensure all requirements and configuration is in place.

Level 3

If I configuration backup job like this.(Deselect Perform off-host backup ) The backup job is success.

Is it right? SQL backup job does not support off-host backup?


Level 6
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SQL backup supports offhost backup, but there are basic requirements and configuration steps.

You need some supported full volume snapshot technology that can present a full mirror copy of db volumes to the backup host.
Array snapshot or Symantec Storage Foundation with FlashSnap can be used.

Please see above 2 manuals as well as the compatibility guide:

NetBackup 7 Snapshot Client (CL):


Level 3

In the same environment,The Hyper-v offhost backup is success.

Why SQL offhost backup is failed?

Level 6
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I have already explained.

SQL snapshot/offhost backup is not the same as Hyper-V backups.

Please see the documentation that I have mentioned in my previous 2 posts.