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cannot extract asr streams from the dr file

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When i want to create the third disk i get the following error

cannot extract asr streams from the dr file \\server-path.

The dr file is available at the path.

Any idea what the problem/solution could be?

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has anyone found an answer to this issue...

having same trouble on 3rd disk

additionally on this 2003 sbs premium server the asr wizard fails with:

"the files for the recovery diskette could not be created. The operation was aborted"

also there is no asr.sif file on the server which is what I suspect is causing the problem...

Pretty sure the asr creation failure is causing the IDR wizard failure with

"cannot extract asr streams from the dr file \\exchange\pf\be\idr\data\exchange.dr"


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DO you get the same kind of error when creating a CD instead of floppys?

I used to get misc. errors when trying to create IDR CD and disks. I removed IDR, and then reinstalled it. That solved a lot of those problems.

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Are you using SATA RAID by any chance? Try to create ASR disk using netbackup.exe - if you get an error I think I know what the answer is

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Just caught this thread and I am having the problem described. I am using a supermicro motherboard with onboard SATA RAID1. The disks are set as dynamic as that is the only way Small Business Server 2003 will install. Any help on resolving this issue would be very appreciated. Many Thanks in advance

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This is all down to 82801ER SATA RAID.

This issue occurs because there is a conflict between the Windows Small Business Server 2003 and the device driver for the Intel 82801ER SATA RAID controller. Motherboards that use the Intel 865G chipset or the Intel 875P chipset, like Super Micro include this kind of SATA RAID controller.

What version of RAID drivers are you using? Have you tried to install the latest drivers from Intel's website?

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We are using a Dell XPS system with Intel 82801FR SATA RAID Controller. We too experience the utterly frustrating failure message when attempting to run an ASR backup.

So your identification of the issue, at least in our case, would appear to be correct. We are currently using version (03/23/2004) of the drivers. I'm going to check Intel's site now and will post whether there are any BIOS flashes or updated drivers available. If not, is the only solution to install a different RAID controller?


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Updated drivers (version 5.0) were available on the Intel site.

They appear to have improved the situation with Windows Server 2003's ASR program, to the point where the backup file is generated on the local disk.

However, the ASR diskette still does not get created. "The backup could not be completed due to an error. The files for the recovery diskette could not be created. The operation did not successfully complete."

Dell XPS with Intel 925X chipset (82801FR I/O controller hub (ICH6R)).
SATA RAID/0: 2x totaling 465GB, using a 128K stripe size.
Drives are on ports 0 and 2 using Generation 1 transfer mode.

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Part of the problem is that on Intel's website you can only download the latest drivers either for Intel server base motherboards or Intel chipsets. In your case you use DELL, their kit as well as HP and some others, comes with DELL motheboards and other parts and although these motherbords still use Intel chipsets onboard, they are a bit different. Therefore the best practice is to download ICH6R drivers from DELL directly becasue they are always kit specific and work better. not sure it will fix your problem but worth trying.