cannot retrieve NDMP credentials

When I have attempted to do a restore from our system I get the above message cannot retrieve NDMP credentials.  The backups have been successfully run but I cannot do a restore.  Any suggestions would be welcome.  I am running NetBackup 6.0MP5 on a Windows 2003 server.

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Re: cannot retrieve NDMP credentials

Check how is your authentication and verify that the drives you are trying to use for the restore are NDMP
List Attributes
set_ndmp_attr -list
Verify access
set_ndmp_attr -verify <NDMP server>
Check deamons are up
Authenticate Access
set_ndmp_attr -auth filer root
hope this helps

Re: cannot retrieve NDMP credentials

did you every get a answer that helped with this problem?


I am using NetBackup 6.5.3 running on a W2K3 Enterprise system connected to a Dell ML6010 Tape robot. We are using it to backup a NETAPP FAS270 using NDMP. I, like you, was able to get a successful backup but have not been able to restore a file and I get this error:


12/29/2008 1:32:14 PM - restoring image Netappfiler_1229654369
12/29/2008 1:32:14 PM - Error bpbrm(pid=3800) cannot retrieve NDMP credentials for host windows_server, error = 254  
12/29/2008 1:32:19 PM - Error bpbrm(pid=3800) client restore EXIT STATUS 114: unimplemented error code 114   
12/29/2008 1:48:14 PM - restored image Netappfiler_1229654369 - (cannot connect on socket(25)); restore time 00:16:00
12/29/2008 1:48:15 PM - end Restore; elapsed time: 00:16:02
the restore failed to recover the requested files(5)


Any suggestions?