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catalog full recovery failed with error code 2850

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when i do a catalog recovery using the 3 copies of hot catalog backup , it will failed with error code 2850 during the database restore.


and when i run a bprecover -r -nddb it failed with error code 83

Kindly advise how can i ensure that the dr file im using it working copy.


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had you chech this tech note: from what storage you are restoring the databade? tape, basic disk, advanced disk or deduplication?

Level 6

What do you mean by "3 copies of hot catalog backup"? 

Usually you just need to select 1 drfile (based on your recovery date/time point) from the catalog directory. 

Any reason you need to recover only the NBDB, but not everything? 

Btw, you have a typo in the command, it should be "bprecover -r nbdb".

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Hi demo4119,

The below technote may help to recover using the command line hopefully. This is for Netbackup previous version (6.5.5), but holds good from the windows environment end.


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i have using the bprecover -wizard -copy 3 to force the catalog recovery to use the copy3 as primary and recovery completed successful.