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clearing space on master server

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the space on my netbackup master server is running low. my master server is windows, (and my media server is netbackup appliance both version 7.7.2)

most of the space is consumed by "c:\program files\veritas\netbackup" (198Gb)

I know I shouldn't delete anything manually since these are the backup images.
how can I clear some of the space out? can I manually expire old backups (find if there are any backups that are in infinity retention) or compress the size of the images?


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1) A quick way to possibly bring some space back is to delete any unified logs over 'n' days old.  The NetBackup v7.7.2 Logging Guide is here:

NetBackup 7.7.2 Logging Reference Guide

 ...and see the bottom of page 35 for beginning of section:

"Examples of using vxlogmgr to manage unified logs"


2) Regarding catalog compression, see:

About image catalog compression

Image database compression

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Before you expire any images, please double-check business requirements.
There is very seldom a need for Infinity retention. Lots of backup admins create schedules with infinity retention just because there is no default retention that meets the business needs, not knowing that retention levels can be customised.

Before you expire any images, confirm actual retention level. Then use bpexpdate with -recalculate to change to correct level.

If you still have a problem after adjusting retention levels, add additional storage.