convert from backup exe to Netbackup

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Anybody has idea how to move from Backup Exec to Netbackup ? Could I import the backup Exec catalog to Netbackup ??? Thanks.

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Have you checked out the documentation?

Importing Backup Exec into NBU is discussed in the UNIX Admin Guid vol 1 starting on pg 366 - that is a good place to start.  My apologies if you've already gone through the admin guide.  I personally have never attempted to import Backup Exec images into NBU, but I know it can be done - not sure about the entire Backup Exec catalog though.

Below is a link to a related technote that references both the 6.0 and 6.5 admin guides.


Catalog: no. Images: yes. Worth the time investment? Your call.

Only IMAGES can be imported into NetBackup using the Backup Exec Tape Reader (BETR).  Our definitive document about what will and won't work is included in this TechNote:

DOCUMENTATION: Statement of support for the importing of Backup Exec images in NetBackup 6.x (and its release updates) using the Backup Exec Tape Reader 

It should also be noted that it's mentioned in this TechNote that there are no plans to take the BETR into 7.x and beyond.

thanks for your infrmation

thanks for your infrmation it's very helpfull for me. CRZ you said, we're using Backup Exec Tape Reader  to import backup Exec image, where could I get  Backup Exec Tape Reader ? Does it include in NBU 6.5 package.  My current NBU 6.5.4 system is running on Win2003 not Unix server.

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Thanks for your information, it's great. I never convert Backup Exec to NBU


Hi T_N, sorry I haven't been back earlier.

You can learn more about BETR (it IS included in 6.5 - you should already have it, right now, if you've installed NetBackup!) by looking at the manual pages referenced in the TechNote I linked above.  For you, that means pages 330-340 of the Windows Admin Guide I.  Get THAT from here:

Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.5 Administrator's Guide for Windows, Volume 1: Provides information on performing most common configuration and administration tasks with NetBackup 6.5 including: - Managing media, storage units, unit groups, catalogs and lifecycle policies - Firewall Configuration - Firewall ports used for communication

It's a pretty detailed set of instructions for import.  (This is actually the same thing rjumfelt said above, only he used the UNIX documentation instead of the Windows version.)