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copy image from tape to tape

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Hi Dear Community,

There is a  frozen tape. I would like to copy images from frozen tape to a new blank tape. How have to be the procedure?


Best regards,




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Just do it. Frozen cant be written to, but can be read - if its not damaged...

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The tape might be frozen due to any issue which occurred when it was being used the last time - i.e. due to drive, robot or tape drive having issues (broken leader, damage, etc). If you are certain that there are no physical issues with the tape cartridge and tape leader is intact, the "procedure" is the usual one:

  1. Find the image to duplicate in the GUI > NetBackup Management > Catalog > Action "Duplicate"
  2. Right-click the image and choose Duplicate
  3. In the duplication dialog box choose options so that new copy is made on a tape.


Hi Dear @X2  @quebek 


l did the procedure on the client soft but when l click search now (for to list images)  nothing was appeared. Maybe the catalog backup was deleted by netbackup?

But l list report image on the tape section the images was listed.




Level 3

execute bpimagelist -d 01/01/1970 -l | grep XXXXXX

where XXXXXX is your tape media ID, if no fragments are associated with that tape you should unfreeze the tape and NBU will place it back into scratch. If fragments are found, you can identify which COPY number they are and then search of the backup ID´s using the COPY # as the might not be primary copy anymore.