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crossed backup between 2 master serveur

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Il would like to Backup the system of the master server 6.5.4 on redhat 5.3.

There is another service which use netbackup to bacup servers;

Our idea is :

I backup their master server

They backup our master server

The probem is how to configure the client in order to enable this.

Indeed, the netbackup client on master server is used to backup the catalog .

If any coud have a clue, it wil be welcome.

I've got an architecture with one master server witch act like media server as well. So i don't have much knowledge about architecture with several medias servers and what is possible or not.

To  solve my problem, I've imagined that one master server coud be a media server of the other master server but I would like an advise before going far.



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To allow other hosts to access as server, add them into server list from Client Host Properties, or just add SERVER lines in bp.conf. Make sure the first entry must be the host itself in this case. Other master and media servers must be written in 2nd or later SERVER lines. File backups will work, but I wonder if BMR backups work - I've never tried.