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data expired media not moving to Scratch pool

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i have this media that have data expiry of 7am today (it's almost 3pm where i am) and it's in the Daily pool. i was expecting it to be moved to the Scratch pool but when i checked after 12pm, it is still in the Daily pool. so what i did was to manually change its assignment from Daily pool to Scratch pool.

should i have just waited for NBU to require that expired media or something else is out of place that required me to reassign it manually?


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I had this kind of problem: I think that media will automatically return to the "scratch pool" only if it comes from that scratch pool.
A free media set in the "daily pool" will remain in the "daily poll".

Moreover, the time when the backup and media are free can be modified.

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hmm, yeah that's what i thought. all of my media i loaded and mounted in Scratch pool so i was really expecting once expired, NBU will move the back.

i'll monitor other medias.


Note that these only move during the cleaning process.

You can run this command:

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpimage -cleanup -allclients    

This should start a cleaning job in the activity window. Once that completes you can manually run these ( I think they are part of the bpimage cleanup, but it doesn't hurt)

nbdelete -allvolumes -force

bpexpdate -deassignempty -force


If you see empty tapes in assigned pools, you should move them to the scratch pool, unless they are there for a reason.


For example - I took an entire range of tapes and put them in my catalog pool - so in a DR I know that the tape with label starting with 2 is my catalog. Handy!

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