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differences bettween deduplication store and catalog data MSDO

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I am lookup for command where I can see "really" data in deduplication store .... This question is no for different informatiin from OS and NTB capacity size, but for different NTB internal iformation and really capacity data

crcontrol --dsstat display very different information against GUI console and catalog information .... ,


************ Data Store statistics ************
Data storage       Size   Used  Avail Use%
                   2.0T   1.7T 227.6G  89%
Number of containers             : 6895
Average container size           : 273902983 bytes (261.21MB)
Space allocated for containers   : 1888561072280 bytes (1.72TB)
Space used within containers     : 1849289942779 bytes (1.68TB)
Space available within containers: 39271129501 bytes (36.57GB)
Space needs compaction           : 3650822139 bytes (3.40GB)
Records marked for compaction    : 42918
Active records                   : 8823089
Total records                    : 886600


GUI show 1,92TB used capacity, 27,6GB available and 98,6% full for this datastore....

When I run catalog query for images on @aaaag medium (this DeduplicationPool)  I see 669 GB in all images.

I run crcontrol --processqueue and --compactstart ....  and checked compression option in pd.conf ....

Deduplication Size Factor is low (historical trending ) ... around 2,5 ... it means ratio 1:40 ....

OPScenter and NetBackup disk pool capacity show me DPUsable size 2TB and DPUsed capacity 1,3TB for this deduplication pool.

In this moment I don't solve performance or ratio of deduplication only get really information about how many data is in deduplication pool.

NTB on Windows server ... 









Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified

Backup of EX DB with GRT option.

In disk report - this backup image to deduplication pool has three items of the same Backup ID.

From GUI report 51,2GB (fragment size) + 14,5GB (next fragment) + 35MB = 65,7G B

From GUI activity monitor ....66GB full, dedupe ratio 76,7, CR sent 15GB

From bpstsinfo -imagelist .... is the same as from GUI report

From GUI Used capacity of DedupePool increase from 472GB to 487GB ....