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differential backups after last full backup tape removed

Level 2

Can anyone clarify for me what happens in the following situation:

1 - I have a schedule which performs a full weekly backup on the weekend
2 - I have a schedule which performs a differential backup on each weekday
3 - The weekly backup is removed and archived (to offsite storage), one week per month.

In the week following (3), since the weekly backup tape has been removed, what will happen when the differential backup kicks in on Mon night.

Will it use the last _available_ full backup, or will it just fail because the last full backup is not available (since it's been archived).

Does anyone else use a similar scheme to perform weekly backups and archive occasionally?
If so, how do you get around complications arising from the removal of the tapes for archiving.

thanks for your time,


Level 2
I'm hoping what happens is that it uses the netbackup catalog to do the differential backup regardless of whether the full backup is currently available in the library or not.

Level 6
previous tapes in order to determine what to carry out for incremental backups (essentially determined by archive bits or timestamps - [see below T/Ns] - on the data itself depending on what you have set up), so there is no requirement for you to retain full backups in a library in order to carry out incrementals based on same.


About the Client Settings (Windows) properties
About the Client Settings (UNIX) properties

***EDIT #2***

There are also a few paragraphs in the NB6.5 Admin Guide about "Determining files due for backup on Windows clients" (p125) and "Determining files due for backup on UNIX clients" p126-7