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disable storage lifecycle policy

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Hi All,

i'm running NBU 7.7.2 on Windows 2012 R2.
STU configured


SLP configured

SLP01 which perform
1\ backup using DISK-STU (kept for 1 week)
2\ duplication using TAPE-STU (kept for 2 weeks)

SLP02 which perform
1\ backup using DISK-STU (kept for 1 year)
2\ duplication using TAPE-STU (kept for 1 year)

i have a VMware policy configured with with 4 clients and scheduled
1\ to run on daily basis using SLP01
2\ to run on monthly basis using SLP02

in certain scenario, i'm force to disable SLP01 & SLP02 and eventually backup still completed.
backup run using DISK-STU which defined in policy Attributes.
which backup retention will it used as SLP was disable


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How exactly do you disable SLPs?

What is selected in Policy schedules when you disable SLPs? 

SLP02 disable via GUI as below

Storage > Storage Lifecycle Policies > SLP02. right click "Suspend secondary operation"

This make me to think that, above action will not disturb the 1st operation which backup using DISK-STU therefore the retention intact as configured @ 1 year?

Correct, disabling the secondary operation does just that. E.g, if replicating as a secondary operation and you want to disable it when the target of the secondary operation is unavailable due to maintenance (like upgrades). The backup which is the first action in the SLP still occurs but the secondary or subsequent action will not until re-enabled. We do it all the time when we upgrade appliances that are configured as AIR targets in SLP secondary operations.