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error 1326 when istalling Nebackup Client on Windows Server

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error 1326 when installing Nebackup Client on Windows Server.

Error gettting file security: c:\windows\system32\nberrmsg.dll

Any idea


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Reinstalling windows 2003 and work fine the Netbackup Client.

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IIRC, 1326 is a user name / password incorrect problem.  What user are you trying to install the client as?

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1326 ok.

1068 dependency error now. Windows 2003 server.

What version of NBU?  2003 isn't supported on 7.7.

This could be that the services aren't configured to run as Local System Account.  Which service(s) isn't starting?

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Please try installing version NBU 7.5 and see if that works !

NBU 7.5 installed and now the error "1068 dependency service or group failed to start".

This server is out of domain, but the service is set to start as Local User.



Are you using a specific local user or the "Local system account" on the settings?  1068s generally occur when you have an account tied to the services that doesn't have sufficient permission to do what needs done.  Using local system account on all NBU services tends to fix that problem.

Check the NBU services to make sure each one is set to use the "Local system account" and see if they start up then.

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Its using Local system account.

Okay, thanks for clarifying.

Which service specifically isn't starting, and have you tried manually starting them?

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Its complaing about the  VERITAS Private Branch Exchange

I´ve already tried to start mannualy, without success.

Remember the host is out of my domain.


You're saying it's a standalone server, not joined to the Windows domain, yes?

PBX isn't needed for a simple client install to work IIRC.  Are the other services running? (Result of a brain cramp) :)

Just double checking some things.  

1 -- no errors on the client install?  It completed successfully, right?

2 -- Do you have logging setup on this host?  If not, run the mklogdir.bat under <intall_path>\Veritas\NetBackup\logs, so you can take a look at bpcd, vnetd, bpinetd .
After reproducing the issue, check logs under these folders - bpcd, vnetd, bpinetd.

3 -- Have you tried a bptestbpcd to/from the master or media?  How about bpclntcmd?  What were the results?

4 -- Have you checked the firewall on the local host to insure it's allowing NBU traffic through on 

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The log folders were created, but not was logged in.

The Symantec Private Branch doesn´t start (error 1053).

Any idea?

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I'm very curious about the background of this W2003 server that now needs NBU installation for the first time.

Bearing in mind that W2003 is very old (with even Microsoft dropping support for it) we can assume this server is not new, right?
How has it been backed up previously?

Is everything at TCP/IP level working fine?

Can you ping itself using hostname?
And master and/or media server?
Can you use bpclntcmd command with options such as
-hn <master-name> ,
-ip <master-ip> ?

With NetBackup Client Service and Legacy Client Service running, this machine should be listening on both vnetd and bpcd, meaning bptestbpcd should work from master and/or media server.

Please try these commands and let us know.



Hello Marianne

Its a upgrade from 656 to 76.

When i fire the bpclntcmd, shows the error:

This application has failed to start because MSVCP100 dll was not found



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See this TN:

" When NetBackup performs an install, if msvcr100.dll is already present on the host, the NetBackup Installer will NOT apply a new version. However, if the file is absent from the host, the NetBackup 7.5 Installer will apply the above version during the install process.

To resolve the problem with the rolling back install, simply rename/remove the file msvcr100.dll from C:\windows\system32 and re-run the install. NetBackup will plug in the needed msvcr100.dll file and the install will proceed as desired. "

So now are you upgrading to 7.5 or 7.6?

If the issue is PBX cannot start, don't bother about starting other NBU services or run NBU command.

Check your Windows 2003 if it's 32 or 64 bits and you get the correct install files.

Try this: (the repair should fix the missing DLL files for you)

If not, see if you have other NBU client with same version, copy that DLL file over to test again

Hello Marianne

Its working the bpclntcmd.exe after insert the DLL, but the client not start yet.

The Symantec Private Branch Exchange shows the Error 1053: "The service did not respond in a timely fashion

C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin>bpclntcmd.exe -hn svbackup7
host svbackup7: svbackup7 at
aliases: svbackup7

C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin>bpclntcmd.exe -ip
host svbackup7 at
aliases: svbackup7

Reinstalling windows 2003 and work fine the Netbackup Client.