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(error 201) handshaking failed with server backup restore manager

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I got this error when i want to try to restore file from DC to

actualy this has never happened before, but today i got this error when trying to restore file.

how to you fix this error?


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The master server cannot connect to the media server for the restore. 

Please share details of original backup environment and of the environment where you want to restore to.

Just little question, how to use FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIA_SERVER?

Can you give me a guide how to add a media server to the bp.conf file.

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On DC, media server that is used for backup is FACNBU01.
We usually do a restore from media server SERNBU81 to the destination server in the DRC, to reduce network load.

Everything was working fine until this week, and nothing was changed on the server.

I attach log bpcd from media server SERNBU81.



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Please check bpbrm file on the media server - if you have another media server with same OS and NBU version, compare file size and attributes. 

It seems there is something wrong with bpbrm:

10:12:12.002 [10705] <2> parse_command_path: populated_path(/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpbrm)
10:12:12.002 [10705] <16> transform_to_abs_path: resolving realpath() FAILED
10:12:12.002 [10705] <16> is_path_whitelisted: FAILED! while resolving path to input.
10:12:12.002 [10705] <16> process_requests: illegal fork attempted

From your instructions, i check bpbrm file on the media server, and i don't find that file.Image 002.png

So i try check another media server and i found that file.Image 003.png

Is it because the file doesn't exist, so my media server can't be used to restore? how to fix it?

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If you compare the files in the 2 servers, you will agree that there are a LOT MORE files that are missing. 

The 1st one looks more like a NBU client installation than a media server.

What processes are running on this machine?
Check output of 'bpps -x' 

If you are 100% sure that this is a media server and the master still has all the device config for this media server, best to remove the NBU software and reinstall as media server. 

As to why and how this happen - you will need to ask your colleagues.... 

Here is the service running under this machine.

Image 004.png

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Those are NBU client processes. 

Someone in your environment has removed media server software and installed client software. 

Sorry, i got wrong information.

I talk to my frend who in charger on this server, and he say that we using FACNBU01 (Maste Server) to restore this client server. not the server that i inform you before.

In DC, we use server FACNBU01 to backup our server and then restore using server FACNBU01 to restore to DRC but it failed. We use this server because it is connected to tape backup. The log i give you before is from the client.

Do i still need to compare bpbrm file. because only this client the restore failed.

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@Taufan_MTG , 

please do the following: 

Ensure bprd log folder exists on the master server (under netbackup/logs).

If the folder does not exist, please create it and restart NBU on the master server.
Go to the bprd folder to check that a log file for current date exists and that the log file was updated when NBU was restarted.

Try the restore again. 
When it fails, copy the log file to bprd.txt and upload here. 

The log file will show us which media server was selected for the restore. 
When we have this information, we can investigate further on that particular server.