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error 227

After a successful recover of Catalog on a newly installed OS and NETBACKUP. i am not able to connect with "client" and "backup selection" in a Netbackup policy. Netbackup and client are able to ping each other

(netbackup version is 8.1.2 on win2016)
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Re: error 227

Hi @Zahid_Haseeb 

My immediate thought is that the certificates weree not correctly recovered as part of the recovery process. To check run the "bptestbpcd -verbose -client <client>" from the master and verify that the client's certificates match that of the master server. 

If it does not - review the nbhostidentity command to import the DR package again. 


Re: error 227

Hi @Zahid_Haseeb 

As rightly pointed by @davidmoline either you missed to import DR package or it didnt happend correctly. Shutdown NetBackup Services and try importing DR package

nbhostidentity.exe -import -infile F:\my_DR_files\HotCat_1538592193_FULL.drpkg

Re: error 227

Don't remember the passphrase . However we have two DR sites and AIR is configured for backup images & Catalog replication. So we have two NetBackup at two different DR sites. Can we get the passphrase from any NetBackup which are on DR sites ? 

Re: error 227


The passphrase is not stored anywhere in NBU in clear text.

It is up to the backup admin to make a note and store it in a safe place.

As per Admin Guide I:

Caution: If you fail to provide the appropriate passphrase while you install
NetBackup on the master server after a disaster, you may need to redeploy
the security certificates on all NetBackup hosts. For more details, refer to the
following article:

Re: error 227

if you do not remember "exactly" the passphrase there is a command to test it.  If you are lucky, you may guess it

nbhostidentity -testpassphrase -infile <DR_file>

If someone else put the passphrase for you and you can not find it, you have to recreate the whole certificate "structure" from the scratch.


Re: error 227

If you still have the old master server available, you may be able to reset the DR passphrase and run a new catalog backup. You can then you the new DR package to recover the certificates. 

If the old master is gone, then unless you can find someone who knows the passphrase you have some work to generate all the certificates again.