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error requesting media, TpErrno = file name already exists (during fs windows restore)

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Hi guys. I'm trying to restore windows file system backup then I am getting this error. I tried to restore different servers but still got the same error. Please see attached photo.

I dont have access to the nbu server by the time I posted this. 

Please advise for possible solutions. Thank you.

Environment: Veritas NetBackup v8.1  / Windows 2012 R2

Master: bactri01 / Media: mdprwm03


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hi @Jess011 

The issues you are seeing is a problemer on the master server. You cannot solve it from the client side.

There is a couple of courses to the status code 98, here is one of them:

STATUS CODE 98: Backups fail with Status Code 98 "error requesting media". 

Thank you sir for your response. But I cant open the link you've sent. Can I have an instruction on how to resolve this error message during my restore?



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or on goole search for :

tperrno = file name already exists

Since the error is on the master server, you first need to gain access to it, you cannot solve the issue from the client side. The technote suggest Netbackup services are re-started on the master server. 

Please ensure there is no files in /usr/openv/netbackup/db/media/tpreq with name J471L8 before starting the master server services.


hi @Nicolai appreciated your response. I will do the steps once I am able to connect to nbu master again and will get back on this post. thank you!