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extended backup time

Level 2
we are backing up 278 GB in 2 million files and the elapsed time exceeds 7 hours. Is there a way to improve the performamnce of this backup process?

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
To improve performance, raw-volume backup is suitable.
But you can only backup and restore whole data in volume without option product. FlashBackup(shipped in Advanced Client option) enable you to restore individual file in volume.
Check NetBackup Advanced Client System Administrator's Guide(for 5.x) or NetBackup FlashBackup System Administrator's Guide (for 4.5, but easier to understand overview).

VERITAS NetBackup 5.1 Advanced Client System Administrators Guide for UNIX and Windows

NetBackup FlashBackup 4.5 System Administrator's Guide for UNIX

Level 4
what version of NB are you running? Try experimenting with multiplexing if you are not currently.

also what does you backup selections list look like for the client/clients?