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generating the Media ID parameter

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Good afternoon.
There was a problem on NetBeckup 8.1.1.
The problem is related to the generation of the Media ID parameter. After replacing the tape drive, the media id is generated in an incomprehensible way, although it should take the last 6 characters from Barcode
As shown in the figure, the id was not formed from the barcode of this drive.
Can you help with this solution to the problem?
What could be the reason for this generation?



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are you sure these were created recently - for me looks like these could have been added by hand, ie vmadd command.

Please share outcomes from

vmquery -m 7470L5

vmquery -m 7471L5

vmquery -m 7472L5

vmquery -m 7474L5

Please also show outcome from this: vmrule -listall -b

also find in <install>\volmgr\ directory vm.conf file and share its content with us.

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Those tapes were added manually, the media ID rule will not create a media id containing characters not in the barcode.  You can however do this using vmadd.

If the tapes are expired, delete them and re-inventory, they should come back with the expected mediaID
Relabel but de-select the tick box that says "verify media label before performing operation"

If the tapes contain data, either duplicate them and then expire, or just wait for them to expire.