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giving access to our DBAs to run commands related to RMAN ?

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Hi !
sorry for my english, i'm french speaking !
Our Master/Media servers are RedHat Linux and we have a lot of oracle clients.  We are using OIP for backup the databases.

Our DBAs asking to us if there is possibility to giving to them more independence about management oracle instance like, adding instance in policies, remove from policies, register instances etc...

I know there is possibility to use the sudo command for Netbackup commands but there is another way like API, ?

Thanks for your help !


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Netbackup Role Based Access Control is the way to go for delegating access.

Either way, some investigation and planning is required.

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It might be worth trying out to see what you can do with nboraadm command at I know we can let a DBA register an instance in there (though we need to run the below to allow them to do it):

DBAs can run nboraadm on a NetBackup client if the backup administrator enables access to nboraadm by running the following command on the master server:

# nboraadm -add_dba <client_name> <user_name>

I've not tried to modify a policy, so i don't know how possible it is, but it could work.

As mentioned, NetBackup RBAC is another potential way to do it.

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Thanks !!!  I will check this for sure !!!!