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host ID mappings in Host Management

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is there a way to add one name (glb) to multiple hosts (host id) automatically?

it can be done via admin console but we need to script it so there aren't any manual intervention needed.

on screenshot there is shown what I mean.The name archeadb to both those hosts automatucally... at the moment the name goes just for the first host.

Thank you very much.





Level 3

on screenshot the name is manually added.

it does not appear automatically for the second host.


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In my setup, I have NetBackup Master in "High" for "Security level for certificate deployment", and what I do is I add new clients to the Master Server "Client Attributes" (using the "bpclient -add -client" command) before I actually install the NetBackup Client inside the OS of the soon to be new backup client.  What this means then is that the Master Server already knows the client name, and so (assuming all server and client DNS naming etc is ok) the Master Server will accept the new client when it first talks to the Master during client install to establish certificated trust.  i.e. the backup client install will still perform all the necessary certification, assuming the client install has a token of course.

Here's the outline :

1) scripted client attributes - bpclient -add -client

2) scripted client install - e.g. silentclient plus a valid token - this creates certificates and host management entries on the Master

3) scripted client add to a default first policy - bppl*

4) scripted first backup - bpbackup


Level 6

Have a look at the nbhostmgmt command.
I think you will need to do to do something like (the option for the second one will allow you to share the mapped name

1. nbhostmgmt -add -host arheadb1.domain -mappingname arheadb.domain
2. nbhostmgmt -add -host arheadb2.domain -mappingname arheadb.domain -isshared


Thank you for your replays. Made things clearer.