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how exactly do you cancel a cancelled job?

Level 4

NBU 7.7.3

a job ran yesterday got a status 150 today when i checked.

upon right-click on that job, there is an option to to restart the job.

however, in the master server, if i do a "./bpdbjobs | grep <job ID>" to check if its there. it is.

so i do a "./bpdbjobs -cancel <job ID>" but nothing happened.

if i list the jobs, again that job ID is present.

i do i cancel this job?


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Cancelling a job simply puts it into DONE state. It does not delete it. 

There is also a difference between jobs in INCOMPLETE and DONE state. 
Jobs that fail with certain error codes and Checkpoint has been enabled in Policy, will show INCOMPLETE.

Jobs in INCOMPLETE state can be resumed (job will resume from last checkpoint).
Failed jobs in DONE state can be restarted (job will start from the beginning as new job).

So, your status 150 job is indeed cancelled.
Do you perhaps want to delete it from the jobs database? 

PS :
There is a good explanation of difference between INCOMPLETE and DONE state in NBU Admin Guide I under topic 'Take checkpoints every __ minutes (policy attribute)' and 'About the Activity Monitor' and 'About the Jobs tab'.