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how to delete\remove media in the volumn pools?

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Hi Team,


I Have created 7 volumns pool. Monday to Friday.

i have assiged 

Media tape BI0000 to Monday vol pool
Media tape BI0001 to Tuesday vol pool
Media tape BI0002 to Wednesday vol pool
Media tape BI0003 to Thursday vol pool


i want to remove the media tape BI0001 from tuesday vol pool, however i got the "The media is allocated for use" \ cannot delete assigned volumn (92)\ cannot delete assigned media.

May i know how to can i do to remove\delete the media tape from Volumn Pools?





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You cannot change volume pool or delete a media id while there are vailid, unexpired backups on the tape.


You stopped responding to this post where you were warned against creating a pool for each day: 
everyday backup to difference tape 

This is bad practice. You will end up using lots of tapes and see status 96 on a regular basis...

Marianne, thanks to reply me.

Do you mean i need to set it the media as invalid then only can delete ?or never delete it? 
what happen if the tape is broke? then how can i delete it? using command to force delete the media ID?


im thinking, currently i have 7 days schedule to backup to different tape, and each day i will take out the tape and replace another disk and assign to Vol pools.


Monday 7pm  runt he backup n store the file into Media Tape1 under Monday_Vol_pools
Next day morning (tuesday), i will take out the Media tape1(slot1) to DC to keep.and i will backup another new disk to slot1. In the Monday_Vol_pool i will add on another Media Tape8(slot 1)


i have closed that "everyday backup to difference tape " ticket. thanks.


Thanks and Regards

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Every backup that is written to tape gets an expiration date that is determined by the Retention Level that is selected in the backup schedule.

So, once a backup is written to tape XYZ001 in Monday pool, it must be kept until the date the backups expire.

You can expire the backups manually - 
bpexpdate -m XYZ0001 -d 0

The tape can now be deleted or moved to another pool.

PLEASE understand the risk when you use bpexpdate command - the tape can be overwritten and data can no longer be restored.

You really don't need to micro manage NetBackup by adding pools for each day or by putting tapes into specific slots.
NetBackup knows where it has written each backup. When you need to restore, NBU will tell you which tape was used for the backup.
Allow NetBackup to manage your media - it does a good job doing so.

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NetBack is not designed to use Mon tape, Tue tape and so on. 

The idea of NBU is simply to throw a load of tapes at it, and forget about it.

if dun design on this way, how can i do like, monday backup data into this tape1,  day2 backup another tape2 ?




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Why do you need each day's backup on a separate tape?

If you need to send tapes offsite, simply list the tapes used since previous day (using Tapes written report) every morning and eject them.

Keep an eye on expiration dates using the Tape Summary report (in Verbose mode) to know when tapes can be brought back

NetBackup has a Vault option that can automate all of this for you.

If you do not need to send tapes offsite every day, leave tapes in the robot, write all backups to the same pool.
This will append to previous written tapes until a tape is full. At this point NBU will request a new tape and carry on with backups. 


IF what you want is to make each days backup be on a separate tape, for some corporate reason, you can do this many ways.

1. use Vault and eject tapes daily - I do this

2. script a report that determines tapes written and use command line to change the tapes to suspended. Tapes that are frozen or suspended will not be written to again.


Your actual question - regarding moving media? You cannot change volume pools on media that have valid images on them. To move the media, you need to expire the images, and then deassign them. They should go back to scratch or be available to move at  that time.



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First check if there is any valid images on that media using bpmedialist -M <Media ID> if not then expire the media using bpexpdate -m <Media ID> -d 0 force, then bpexpdate -deassignempty -m <Media ID>, now you can try to delete from volume pool.

Naveen Sunkari