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how to know the version of applications (BD/Apps) backed up

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Hello Everybody,

I would like to know if there are any way to check the version of applications and databases backed up by Netbackup.

The question is becase i am supporting to the customer to recover an Exchange Database for a disaster recovery. The customer lost his email exchange server and need to recover. He has a backup from Microsoft Information Storoarge with GRT enabled.

The thing is they dont know the real version with SP and CU installed, they only know the exchange version that is Exchange server 2013 but they do not have any other information.


if not posible to know the version of the Apps and DBs backed up at the moment, it could be possible to request the veritas development team to include some information into the Netbackup catalog for the Apps and DBs backedup in order to have the real version of Apps and DBS backed.

I have been faced this problem so much times firstable with historical backups.


Do you agree??


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That might be a nice feature but your customer should really know what version of appliations they're using in their environment and not expect the backup software to tell them.

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In ITIL this is called configuration management, and its there for a good reason.

My recommendation is to go with the latest and greatest version of Exchange 2013. Downwards compatibility can expected but upwards compatibility is never seen.

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I apologize for the ambiguity in the NetBackup for Exchange administration guide, where we say:

The NetBackup for Exchange Agent supports a restore to the same Microsoft
service pack (SP) or cumulative update (CU) on which the backup was originally
created. Microsoft sometimes introduces database schema changes in SPs or
CUs. If you restore to a different SP or CU level, the database server may not
operate correctly.

As Nicolai has said, you should be able to expect upward compatibility. If you backed up on CU 8 and now you have CU 16, your database restores should work. NetBackup interfaces with the Exchange VSS writer to put the data and metadata in place, and then lets Exchange recovery take over. Exchange recovery, being upward compatible, can be expected to work. For GRT restore, NetBackup uses the EWS API from Microsoft, which allows NetBackup to specify the version of the API to use.

AFAIK, we haven't had any customer cases where this has been an issue. I see all the Exchange-related cases that get escalated to engineering.

The last time I was aware that Microsoft made a schema change in an SP that caused us problems was Exchange 2010 between GA and SP1. Even then, we only had an issue in GRT backups (the catalogued mailbox alias was wrong), not in either database or GRT restores.