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how to share the drive

Level 3

We have two SL 700 PTL library, one master server and 4 media server in our environment. all the servers are running in win 2003 with services pack 2. i am facing the problem in PTL library. problem is one drive is not sharing and it configured to only one can i share the drive to other media and master server .please assist me to do the drive sharing in netbackup 6.5

Level 6
You mention one drive is not sharing.Is the issue with one drive only or drive on one library ?
Are these library visible to OS on the machine you want to share ?
There these drives visible to OS on the machine you want to share ?
Did you add SSO licensence to all the media on which you want to share these drives ?
When you run device config wizard  does it detect those drives  ?

Answer to these question wil help me to understand the cause of the issue.

Level 6
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Looks like a duplicate thread for this one.