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how to take exchange 2013 backup using netbackup ? steps please

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Never knew there were

Never knew there were seperate steps for exchange 2013 family ;-)


Did you had chance to backup exchange 2010 by anyhow ... If so than you should be ok with new release as well. .except permissions required are minimalist now :-)

Just have a look at release notes on revised permissions for exchange 2013 and 2010. 

Also have a look at below GRT video , although it does applies at max extent to exchange 2013 :-)




GRT is not supported with

GRT is not supported with Exch 2013. 
See p.20 of DB compatibility guide:

Simply follow steps in NBU for Exchange manual and this video to take snapshot backup:

 Configuring Snapshot-based Information Store Backups on Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010 with NetBackup ...


@malkayal, captain Is right.

@malkayal, captain Is right. If You know how to backup/restore exchange 2010 You shouldn't have any problems with exchange 2013 except some new netbackup features or enhancement for this type of client ;-)

I would not reccomnded using

I would not reccomnded using Exchange 2013 for the time being.  There have been issuses with exchange 2013 restores.  Currnelty Symantec is waiting on Microsoft to make changes to thier code. 

In addtion, please see :


AND please be mindful of this

AND please be mindful of this recent Tech Alert, also tracked as a Microsoft issue:

In NetBackup, some Exchange 2013 CU1 or CU2 backups may appear to succeed, but restore attempts fail.