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how to use Netbackup

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I have a stand alone LTO3 connected to my desktop.

Can i kick off a job to use the cartridge that is already in the drive? It always asks for another tape(i don't want to keep walking back and forth.)

When i have a job that spans tapes, can i set it to read the tape as soon as i insert the tape or must i run the inventory command.



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NetBackup is an enterprise product that works best with a tape library.

There have been quite a number of posts over the years with queries around standalone drives, e.g.:

(You will find links in these posts to Symantec URLs that do not work anymore. 
Any link that starts with '' can be replaced with '' )

So, in summary: 
NetBackup will allways try to append to existing, Active media that fits the criteria (in the right pool, the right retention level not Full, Frozen, Suspended, Imported).
If you don't want this, suspend used tapes that you don't want to append to. 

Add Media-id's in Media GUI, the pre-label them one-by-one. 

Veritas TN:

NBU Admin Guide II :

Hope this helps.