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i have done archive on tapes and unable to find files the netbackup restore

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i have taken some archive tapes andi have got restore and now unable to find the files in the netbackup restore tape and can you plese help me  on this and i am attach the sctreen shot  


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Also, do you know the backupid for the image you are trying to restore from

The backupid will look something like this:


<machine name>_<ctime backup was taken>

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We are honestly trying to help you, but if you do not answer our questions, there is very little we can do to assist you. 

There are 2 parts to NBU catalogs that are needed for restores -
1. the header files (as from NBU 7.5, the files are in the EMM databases)
2. the 'files' files that are located in /usr/openv/netbackup/db/images. This is what the GUI needs to access in order to list backed-up files and folders.

If I understand you correctly, it seems that you are able to browse in BAR GUI up to the backup image (header), but that listing of the files is not working.

I have a suspicion that something happened to the files-files... maybe someone did some 'manual cleanup' because of space issues? Or manually compressed files or folders? 

To confirm, please show us output of bpimagelist commands:

bpimagelist -client us4-vfs05 -d 10/26/2017 -e 10/27/2017 -U 
bpimagelist -client us4-vfs05 -d 10/26/2017 -e 10/27/2017 -L

The -L command will tell us where the 'files' file is located for the particular image.
You then need to navigate to the folder under /usr/openv/netbackup/db/images to verify existence of the file(s).

Once again - please read through all of our posts carefully.
We need you to give us the necessary information so that we can try and assist you. 

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"I have a suspicion that something happened to the files-files... "

... that was my thought ... or even the complete catalog enry has gone.

If we can get the backupid, check if it exists in NBDB, then manually check for the .f file was my plan ...