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import image

Level 4
I have make a duplicate images last year of mi some babkup.
Now when I try to import my images (phase I) I read in the log this messages (for all images in the media):

11:05:12 INF - Found existing image information for client FILESERVER, policy bck_60_3006, and schedule full_60_63, done on 11/12/2004 20:46:36.
11:05:12 WRN - Cannot import client FILESERVER, policy bck_60_3006, and schedule full_60_63, copy 2 fragment 1 already exists. Skipping this image.

Where is the problem?

thank's a lot

Level 5
That informational message indicates that the image information is already in the database for that fragment. You should try phase 2 now if you cannot already see restore selections for that image.

Level 6
I suggest expiring the existing copy 2 frag 1 and then run another import.
First, I would run a db consistency check
bpdbm -consistency 2
Then I would use this techtip.

Level 3
Your reasoning it's correct.
Infact the images that I 'am trying import there are in catalog.
Could I erase image on the catalog so the import not failed?


Level 5
You could but I am not sure why you would want to. If the image you want is already in the catalog and available to be restored then why expire the image and import it again?

Level 6
I suggested that process because I do not know the state of all of the frags, the number of media involved, why the frag exists if it is suppose to have expired, primary copy definition, etc, etc ... It's simply my personal preference to start with a clean slate to eliminate unkowns. It may take more steps and use up more time but it gives me a better peace of mind. Again, just my personal preference :)