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individual emails preserve and protect

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We have large 2016 Exchange server environment with around 15000 mailboxs, currently we are running full database backup daily with granular enabled to pure disk pool then duplicate to tapes for second offsite copies.

it is getting more and more difficulty to back up around total 30 TB data daily, search and restore individual emails also difficulty and time costing.

We are using NetApp AFF storage, we plan to use Single Mailbox Recovery tool (OnTrack based), but seems not perfect solution as well.

any NetBackup related or third party solution will be welcome.

thanks in advance.


Level 6
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What I only think is to split the mailboxes to many exchange groups (probably already done) and also split the exchange backup with one stream per exchange group.
These backup streams can be configured to run in parallel and speed up your backup. Of curse there is a limit at the streams you can run together, but it depends on your environment.

Also consider to use email archiving. this will offload your exchange from old emails.

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Disk snapshots for daily protection, and then a weekly Netbackup offline copy.